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Bert Bedrosian - CEO of Beverly Hills Media Group

Bert Bedrosian is a popular businessman with years of expertise in financing, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and branding. His aim is to focus on a selection of entrepreneurial pursuits, and to offer exceptional services including launching, financing, and supporting. At a very young age, he started working with the multi-billion dollar global telecom company “T.M.C” where his effective techniques, marketing programs, training strategies, and leadership qualities became the hallmark of the company. His reach is now worldwide, and he has developed strong partnerships with many companies in approximately 50 nations including Volta International, HealthLink, Brown Bavari, X-10, LeRun Industries, Raleigh Berhad (Raleigh Bicycles), Viacom, the launch of global branding and licensing division of MTV, a CAP Cities ABC partnership, the introduction of the first licensed product of MTV, and many more.

He is the founder of Goldstar and B.K.R Technologies, and is the proud associate producer of the movie “The Hornet's Nest” and of the “Perfect Game”. Bert Bedrosian is the Chief Executive Officer of Beverly Hills Media Group (BHM), a popular California-based company. The company was formed to promote the relationships and broad talent of a group of successful and experienced business leaders. It has an impressive clientele base and strong relationships, as well as brand ownership with many organizations including Tapout, MTV, Healthlink, Variety, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Nike, Coca Cola, the PGA, the Olympics, Pepsi, the Superbowl, and many others. The company has offered exceptional services in various fields ranging from television and film production to managing and branding a few of the most well-known products in America. Through extensive partnership experience, the professionals strive to build and organize impressive events while positioning the brands linked with these occasions in such a manner that is unprecedented and unparalleled.

Bert Bedrosian is also responsible for launching, supporting, and financing highly successful companies including Beverly Hills Media Group, Miracle Mint, and TapouT. TapouT, the world’s largest MMA clothing company, an American company specializing in producing miscellaneous gear and clothing particularly for the fans of Mixed Martial Arts. He made a significant contribution to the initial foundation of the company, and provided both leadership and investment guidance.